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BSC - Vitanovac - Kraljevo ( Is on a bid for sale or long-term lease )
The complex of multi-purpose facilities is owned by the company “NIVA” d.o.o. Vitanovac, Kraljevo,
Serbia. The complex is located on an independent location outside urban area, and is accessible
by a good quality asphalt road. The enclosed land area of the complex is 57,000 sq.m. The whole
BSC complex is located right next to the major road Kraljevo-Kragujevac in central Serbia.
Here are the distances in kilometers to some of Serbia’s major towns:
- Kraljevo 12 km
- Vrnjačka Banja 18 km
- Trstenik 25 km
- Kruševac 40 km
- Kragujevac 42 km
- Čačak 50 km
- Niš 100 km
- Užice 100 km
- Novi Pazar 110 km
- Paraćin 70 km
- Ćuprija 80 km
- Jagodina 90 km
The BCS complex is only 2 km away from the railway station (Lapovo-Kragujevac-Kraljevo railroad).
The location is suitable for distribution of goods to any regions south of Belgrade. In global terms
the BSC can be considered a central location on the map of South-Eastern Europe.

The comlex consists of ten separate facilities and the 12,000 sq.m.administration building.
The buildings are made of reinforced concrete and their sizes are as follows:
a) 6 facilities – halls, 1,530 sq.m. each (85 m x 18 m), with an average height of 5 meters;
b) 4 facilities – halls, 400 sq.m. each (40 m x 10 m), with an average height of 8 meters;
c) One facility – the 160 sq.m.administration building;
d) The 7,000 sq.m.parking lot, with concrete surface layer, within the enclosed area and
     another 2,500 sq.m. parking lot – owned by the BSC - at the entrance to the enclosure
     ( also with concrete surface layer );
e) Own power supply station (600 KW capacity, with the possibility of expansion);
 f) Own large capacity water supply plant which provides the whole complex with regular
    water supply.

The complex is suitable for setting up a warehouse/distribution cener, starting one or
several types of production, building a cold storage plant in one of the existing facilities
or erecting a new one.
Some of the facilities are currently being reconstructed, which makes it convenient for the
new user to realize any special requests while the reconstruction is in progress.
BSC-Vitanovac is being offered to any interested parties for:
» the whole or partial sale
» long-term lease

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